El Fin

Being as that I had been to Ramirez so many times that Sra. Patricia recognizes me as a regular customer, going here as a class wasn’t a new experience as me. Yes this place is my favorite Mexican restaurant and probably my second favorite restaurant of all time; closely behind Boi Na Braza which is … More El Fin

Margarita Monday

Being a law abiding underaged college student I have NEVER consumed a drop of alcohol being that it is illegal and that would be morally wrong to violate said law (end sarcasm). Margaritas however really weird me out. Its like the alcoholic equivalent to salted caramel which is a disgusting example of how to ruin … More Margarita Monday

Azucar > HFCS

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is evil. It is obnoxiously sweet has been linked to the rise of diabetes in the United States. Mexico however doesn’t use HFCS at least in Coca Cola. Mexican coke is easily a thousand times better than our crappy reformulated coke. It also may be due partially to the fact … More Azucar > HFCS


“all tacos are created equal but some tacos are more equal than others”   “I was insane at one point and then i found food and it calmed me down”   “food brings people together”

Going for gold

when Laura Patricia Ramirez came in she mentioned someone who ordered and ate more food than anyone she’s ever seen at her restaurant; i attempted to break that record. I ordered and ate: a large steak burrito, a pastor gordita, a steak sope, 2 tacos. Unfortunately i believe i failed to set her record but … More Going for gold

[In reference to early Mexican restaurant owners] “Most of these early entrepreneurs were not Mexican themselves, but they felt such a strong attachment t the food that they went to great effort to recreate it abroad”.     It’s shocking to me that most original Mexican restaurant owners weren’t Mexican. I would expect that as … More

Trump Taco

“The disparity between population growth and the spread of ethnic restaurants points to significant lags in the movement of food from ethic enclaves to mainstream society” This quote describes that it takes a long time for food to take off after a population spike. This also got me thinking on how ironic it is that … More Trump Taco